Make your life in SaS easier - become The Supporter!

(It won't give you better results in the game, just save your time, make SaS more fun and help us to provide the game for you)


  • 8.17 per season
  • 186 credits
  • 6 seasons
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  • 9.67 per season
  • 93 credits
  • 3 seasons
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  • 19.00 per season
  • 31 credits
  • 1 season
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SaS Supporter features:

  • Scout your opponents (see 10 last lineups used)

  • See lineups from your previous matches with any club

  • Automatic loading a saved lineup for league matches

  • Loading lineups from previous matches

  • Saving 8 lineups for matches (instead of 4)

  • Setting up a tactics for each match in the next 15 days (instead of 8 days)

  • Automatic training for your players every matchday

  • Assigning your own numbers for players

  • Choosing from 10 names for a new junior (instead of 1 name)

  • Advanced searching on the market (price, wage, speciality etc.)

  • Searching by additional skills on the market (2 secondary skills, stamina, form, exp)

  • Looking over 16 latest transfer markets

  • Limit of players on the Shortlist increased to 30 (instead of 10)

  • Adding your own club's logo

  • Limit of friends on the Friend List increased to 30 (instead of 10)

Additional features that can be accessed with supporter credits
  • Friendly Leagues (up to 3 at once, for 4-16 clubs)

  • Changing a player's name

  • Changing colours of player's eyes and pupils

  • Generating a new list of 10 names for a new junior