You can earn up to 46% of our revenue for recommendations

Partner program rules:

  • If you’re a youtuber, blogger, website owner, games creator or you have a FB/Twitter/Instagram/etc. account (or just a head full of ideas) and you can send us visitors, this program is for you.

  • You will get 40% of our revenue (not our income) from users you bring to the game. When an invited user buys a package (supporter credits) for e.g. 100€, you get 40€.

  • You will get a bonus of 25€, because we like you. It will be added to your first money withdrawal.

  • You will get a 5% bonus from earnings of partners invited by you (first line invited partners).

  • You will also get 1% bonus from earnings of partners invited by partners invited by you (second line invited partners).

  • Note that regular users can become partners with just one click. Every invited user can become a partner you can profit from.

  • You can make a withdrawal when your balance exceeds 50€.

  • We can send you money via Paypal or a bank transfer in currencies supported by Revolut. We can also talk about other ways, like Transferwise etc. Anything that suits you - but let’s talk first. What’s more, we pay all costs of sending you money.

  • It would be great if you can send us an invoice for advertising/sales/marketing, but it is not necessary.

  • We can provide you some promo materials, like banners.

  • If you’ve got any questions you may contact us